Working Groups

ENO plans to setup several working groups focusing on the different facets of neurotrauma.
If you wish to contribute or found an aditional working group please contact:

Neurotrauma Outcome

The ENO Neurotrauma Outcome Working Group fosters knowledge and exchange between European Neurotrauma experts, thereby building synergies to promote European Neurotrauma Outcome research and clinical practice. Having started with 6-weekly virtual focused meetings, we increase scientific, clinical and teaching through webinars, journal clubs, and seminars in the field of Neurotrauma Outcome. The overarching goal is to advance prediction and trauma-specific treatment for best patient's outcome after brain or spinal cord injuries across Europe.

Head of Neurotrauma Outcome Working Group:
PD Dr. Katrin Rauen, FEBN
Neurologist, Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

Contact for administration:
Luisa Berger

Education and Capacity Building



Rehabilitative Medicine

Experimental TBI

Spinal Cord Injury

Sport Related Brain Injury

Fluid Biomarkers